About Us

Web Ventures Plus, LLC (WVP) is a consultation and web management service provider. WVP provides web management and consultation services primarily for political campaigns, local businesses, and various social causes. The owner, Jonathan Gibbons, is a College Certified Webmaster Administrator, a member of the Golden Key International Honors Society, and he also graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, making for a company directed by someone skilled in both web development and social activism; a powerful set of skills to have in a social media driven society. WVP’s mission is to help “underdogs” fight their social causes by providing professional and affordable website solutions and consultation.

WVP actively seeks out grassroots political candidates, local Mom and Pop businesses, and nonprofit organizations looking to make a real difference in society. Some notable customers include two former U.S. Congressional Candidates, a current candidate for Governor, a former Animal Planet reality show personality who advocates humane wildlife control, a hip hop artist endorsed by various Motown legends who promotes positive messages in his music, and a nonprofit organization dedicated to mental health awareness.


“In my first bid for U.S. Congress, Jonathan of Web Ventures Plus raised me close to $70,000, and helped me get extensive media coverage, volunteer support, and certainly more votes. Jonathan accomplished these great things on my behalf through his tireless research efforts, his mastery of web-based marketing/outreach and his willingness to not give up.” – RJ Harris

“Web Ventures Plus has been instrumental in gaining media attention to a problem affecting animals and children. The website design they did for my daughter has gained national attention to the problem of antifreeze poisoning. This exposure has been beneficial in the passage of a law requiring that toxic, sweet antifreeze require a bitterant in Tennessee, and people from around the globe have been contacting my daughter (via a link on her website) for help in passing the same legislation in other States and beyond. Web Ventures Plus has been professional and courteous. I would definitely recommend them for your web needs.” – H. Ham

“Working with Jonathan of Web Ventures Plus has been above and beyond any person or company I have ever had the pleasure of working with! The level of expertise, timely communication, ease in instructions, going above and beyond, and the personal touch separate him from all the rest. The bar he raised on my level of expectation will make it difficult to deal with any other company in the future- a million thanks!” – L. Kucinski

“When our company was launched many years ago, we turned to Web Ventures Plus to create and maintain our website, something we knew absolutely nothing about. They created exactly what we were looking for and now maintain it on a regular basis. The website has proven to be a very useful marketing tool, generating new business all the time… I would highly recommend Web Venture Plus to anyone in business.” – S. Swanbeck

“Web Ventures Plus has done an amazing job making my website. The company is quick, professional and reliable. I barely gave any direction when I told Web Ventures Plus what kind of website I wanted and they created the site I wanted to a T. Thank you Web Ventures Plus!” – M. Goldman

“It has been a pleasure working with Web Ventures Plus. The team is very professional. They stand by their word, satisfaction guaranteed.” – C. Phillips

Our Work

Seen below is a sampling of a few custom websites that we’ve designed and developed.

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